Killian Vetter is a 3rd-year double major in Computer Science and Mathematics with a minor in Science Fiction Studies examining speculative fiction with Dr. Lisa Yaszek.

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Shirley Shabnam is a 4th-year Computer Science major studying human-computer interaction with Dr. Andrea Parker and Dr. Sonia Chernova.


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Austin Shoemaker is a 3rd-year Chemistry major and Materials Science and Engineering minor studying solar cells with Dr.

Helen Tran is a 3rd-year Environmental Science major studying environmental microbiology with Dr. Jennifer Glass.

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How long have you been an undergraduate researcher at Georgia Tech?

I have been involved in undergraduate research at Georgia Tech since I have joined the Glass Lab in May 2023.

Ryan Stoddard is a 4th-year Architecture major studying digital architectural reconstructions of Greek Ruins with Dr. Myrsini Mamoli.

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Anisha Kanukolanu is 4th-year Neuroscience major studying aging-related impairments of spatial navigation ability with Dr.

Patrick O'Malley is 3rd-year Aerospace Engineering major studying electric plasma jet thrusters with Dr.

Kelly Eick is a 4th-year Biology major studying multispecies interactions in microbial communities with Dr. Sam Brown.

Kelly Eick