The ability to communicate effectively is a skill that all researchers require. Your students will have to present their research methods and results at some point while working as a research assistant, which can include writing reports, journal articles, theses, designing posters, or oral presentations.

The UROP office offers workshops throughout the school year on undergraduate thesis writing, proposal writing, and creating effective PowerPoint oral presentations and posters. In support of the Research Option, UROP has developed two undergraduate research writing courses offered through the School of Literature, Communication, and Culture. On our “Student Resources” page of the website, we list recommendations for students to consult, as well. Georgia Tech also offers a number of on-campus resources for you and your students to consult for writing and presentation help. We have found the following resource lists to be a valuable start when searching for help in writing documents or preparing presentations:

Writing (Articles, Theses, Reports, Abstracts, Grant Writing, Proposals)
Presentations (Oral and Poster)

Please let us know if you have found any additional texts, articles, books, etc helpful that we have not included in our lists. We are always on the lookout for new recommendations.