First and Second Semesters of Research

  • Encourage Research Option students to attend UROP or GT Library workshops on relevant topics, e.g., databases, literature searches, effective presentations.
  • Have students submit the online application form to obtain approval for LMC 4701 registration.
  • Have students complete a literature review on their research topic.
  • Students should complete the one-hour LMC 4701 course (Undergraduate Research Proposal Writing) in which a formal proposal for the research project for their thesis is developed.
    • Proposal should cover at least two semesters (six hours) of research.
    • Proposal should include specific goals and objectives with a general timeline.
  • Run the project by the school granting the Research Option designation, i.e., your department's undergraduate coordinator.
  • Find a “second reader” for the student's thesis and involve them early in the project’s development, as appropriate. This aids greatly in the second reader’s knowledge of the project at the end of the experience when they are asked to sign off on the thesis.

Penultimate Semester of Research

  • Students must obtain a permit in order to register for LMC 4702 (Undergraduate Research Thesis Writing). Students must submit a permit request using form found here.
    • Prerequisites for the course include completion of LMC 4701 and at least six hours of completed research.
      • Please note that before registration, the faculty mentor should make sure that the project has sufficiently reached a stage of completion (e.g., data gathered, surveys completed, documents analyzed) in order to complete a first draft of the thesis by mid-term during the semester of LMC 4702.
  • Select second reader for student's thesis, if not already decided.

Final Semester of Research

  • Faculty should be in regular contact with student on project/thesis completion status.
  • Second reader should ideally be involved early in semester and not invited to participate too late in the process for sufficient input.
  • Student must complete the one-hour LMC 4702 (Undergraduate Research Thesis Writing) course.
  • For students graduating this same term, the following must be completed by the last day of finals:
    • Submission of completed certification form to the UROP office.
    • Upload of final, approved thesis to for archiving on SMARTech at GT Library.
  • Encourage student to present work in your department or at UROP's Annual Undergraduate Research Spring Symposium and encourage student to submit their work to a journal or professional conference. This is not required, but it is strongly suggested.


NOTE: This timeline provides only general guidance. Students should follow the specific advice of undergraduate coordinators and advisors within the school issuing the Research Option. Several departments have school-specific requirements and deadlines not reflected here.