Promoting Creativity & Idea Development

Create-X: An initiative designed to build entrepreneurial confidence among students at Georgia Tech. Create X has 3 core programs under its mantra of Learn, Make, Launch. Startup Lab is the signature element of CREATE-X LEARN. In Startup Lab students learn about the process of customer discovery and how to understand market demand.Idea to Prototype is the signature element of CREATE-X MAKE. Through I2P, students are given guidance, academic credit, and funding to create functional prototypes of their ideas.Startup Summer is the signature element of CREATE-X LAUNCH. During Startup Summer teams go from a developed idea or prototype to a fully launched startup. $20,000 in funding is provided to the teams by an external investment fund.

GT 2803: This unique course is called “Your Idea, Your Invention.” Freshman and sophomore students will work in multidisciplinary teams to discover opportunities for invention and create their own novel solutions. The course will be team taught in an active, project-based learning format and emphasizes skills and abilities in design, creativity, and innovation. The course consists of faculty and guest lectures, skill-building exercises, and two project cycles.

Scheller College of Business Entrepreneurship Certificate: This 12-hour Scheller College of Business certificate program is available for all undergraduates, not only business administration majors, and consists of courses that sharpen entrepreneurial and business planning skills.