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Research isn't necessarily easy, but getting involved and finding a lab that you're passionate about and invested in should be! Many undergraduates encounter obstacles getting involved in research as well as receiving funding for their projects and conference travels. Our goal as the newly established Undergraduate Research Ambassador's (URA) Program, a student coalition formed out of Georgia Tech's Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP), is not only to inspire and encourage undergraduate students to get involved in the research community, but also to make it as easy as possible. Ambassadors are here to give a student perspective to common challenges that arise for undergraduate researchers, bridge the gap between elite faculty and bright minded students, and bring enriching programs to Georgia Tech's research community. Research is one of the best ways to get your hands dirty, and you have the chance to do that at one of the best research institutes in the world. Now is your time to get involved! Use this site to learn more about the research going on around Georgia Tech's campus, find scholarship and funding opportunities, and stay up to date with Tech's research community!

Research by Departments

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Georgia Tech is home to hundreds of research labs, with research focuses ranging from flight dynamics to neural networks. Click here to explore the many research laboratories of Georgia Tech's home departments. 

Student Scholarships and Opportunities

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There are many scholarships and extensive fellowship programs available to undergraduates involved in research. Students should explore Georgia Tech's scholarships and research programs as well as external opportunities, such as REUs. Click here to learn more.

Upcoming Events & Seminars

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Georgia Tech's Undergraduate Research Ambassadors will be hosting several events and workshops throughout the year, focused on undergraduate research and involvement. Stay up to date with URA events as well as other research seminars and events occurring throughout Georgia Tech's various research departments. 

Student Spotlight

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Georgia Tech's undergraduate researchers are extremely driven and successful individuals. Check out some of Tech's featured undergraduate superstars and learn how they're involved in Georgia Tech's growing research community.

Faculty Spotlight

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Dedicated Georgia Tech faculty are not only pioneers in their respective fields but are also unparalleled mentors to their undergraduate students. Check out recognized faculty members and learn how they're giving back to their students and the research community. 

Conference Funding

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There are possibilities for student resaerchers to earn travel funding and stipends through Georgia Tech establishments, as well as external funding resources. 


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Research is an essential pillar of Georgia Tech. Many undergraduates are currently involved or actively seeking opportunities. Check out these FAQs.

URA Office Hours

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The Undergraduate Research Ambassadors are holding weekly office hours to help undergraduates get involved and stay relevant in the research community. Click here to learn more! 


Upcoming Events

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The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program strives to promote an entrepreneurial spirit by supporting students with big ideas with potential for commercialization. Here are some of the resources, organizations, and events involved in promoting invention and entrepreneurship at Georgia Tech.

"10 Steps to Get Involved in Research"

Georgia Tech undergraduate students have many opportunities to participate in research with faculty across campus. The best way for you to begin your career in research is to review faculty web pages and see who is doing research that you find exciting. Read more about getting started below.